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Below is a summary of what is already planned for the upcoming months here too. Click on their links for more info and tickets.

Echo Town kick off their Rise Up tour here



21 – Open Mic Night Charity Fundraiser
23 – Echo Town
28 – Open Mic Night




The Grenaways headline our Birthday Bash


02 – St Piran’s/2nd Birthday Bash (The Grenaways/The Rowan Tree/Harbottle & Jonas)
03 – St Piran’s/2nd Birthday Bash (Skilda)
04 – St Piran’s/2nd Birthday Lunch (Krowji Music Club)
07 – Open Mic Night
08 – Rodney Brannigan
10 – Nervosa

St Patrick’s will be lively to be sure

14 – Open Mic Night
17 – St Patrick’s Eve with Krelys
21 – Open Mic Night
23 – The Secret Pussy Club
24 – Hireth + support from Mark Barnwell
28 – Open Mic Night





04 – Open Mic Night
06 – The Undercover Hippy
11 – Open Mic Night
18 – Open Mic Night
25 – Open Mic Night
27 – The Secret Pussy Club


02 – Open Mic Night
04 – Ellsie Productions presents: The Damp Man Project
05 – Ellsie Productions presents: The Damp Man Project
07 – Flats & Sharps
09 – Open Mic Night
11 – Ellsie Productions presents: The Damp Man Project
12 – Ellsie Productions presents: The Damp Man Project
16 – Open Mic Night
18 – Ellsie Productions presents: The Damp Man Project
19 – Ellsie Productions presents: The Damp Man Project
23 – Open Mic Night
24 – Sam Kelly
25 – The Secret Pussy Club
30 – Open Mic Night

Electronix bring the 80’s back again


06 – Open Mic Night
09 – Ma Polin’s Great Decline + support from Salt & Sky
13 – Open Mic Night
20 – Open Mic Night
22 – The Secret Pussy Club
23 – Electronix
27 – Open Mic Night


04 – Open Mic Night
11 – Phil Beer
18 – Open Mic Night
21 – Lionhat + support from Dj Shoey
25 – Open Mic Night
27 – The Secret Pussy Club


01 – Open Mic Night
08 – Open Mic Night
15 – Open Mic Night
22 – Open Mic Night
24 – The Secret Pussy Club
29 – Open Mic Night


05 – Open Mic Night
11 – Open Mic Night
19 – Open Mic Night
26 – Open Mic Night
28 – The Secret Pussy Club


03 – Open Mic Night
10 – Open Mic Night
17 – Open Mic Night
24 – Open Mic Night
26 – The Secret Pussy Club Halloween Special
31 – Open Mic Night


07 – Open Mic Night
09 – Ellsie Productions presents: Project XII (TBA)
10 – Ellsie Productions presents: Project XII (TBA)
14 – Open Mic Night
16 – Ellsie Productions presents: Project XII (TBA)
17 – Ellsie Productions presents: Project XII (TBA)
21 – Open Mic Night
23 – Ellsie Productions presents: Project XII (TBA)
24 – Ellsie Productions presents: Project XII (TBA)
28 – Open Mic Night


05 – Open Mic Night
12 – Open Mic Night
19 – Open Mic Night Xmas Party
20 – (TBA)
21 – (TBA)


Monday Morning Power Hour


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Friday 7th March is Party Time!

7th MARCH: Come Celebrate Our 2nd Birthday And St Piran’s Weekend Here

(Updated 20:10 07/02/18)

Wow, can’t believe we’ve been here two years now. So much has happened here that I could fill a full post about just that. However one of the highlights of last year was having Kris Lannen and his band The Grenaways who had just come from winning the Kan Rag Kernow (The Cornish Song Contest for those who don’t know) perform here. Their success took them to Ireland for the Féile Pan Cheilteach (Pan Celtic Festival), and on to Toulous for the Echos & Merveilles – Festival Médiéval Fantastique next year!!!

The Grenaways return to The Melting Pot on 7th March to perform their rootsy folk music. For support, they bring with them this year’s Kan Rag winners, The Rowan Tree, and the wonderful Harbottle & Jonas. Combined with a large range of Cornish ales , including a pop-up bar from Keltek Brewery with guest brewers to serve you samples, a late licence and disco, this is sure to be the perfect start to the weekend.

The Grenaways could be said to be mining the rich veins of inspirational ore that course through their home turf, adding a sense of their own ties to the region and especially it’s Celtic heritage. But, they are a band set for far wider horizons than just Cornwall with a massive and alternative sound billowing through their musical sails…

They are rootsy storytellers, unique in the folk style, with songs that are rich in nautical undertones, influenced so much by the sea, the people and coastal living.

2017 has been a significant year for The Grenaways winning the ‘Song For Cornwall’ with their new song, Ster Kosel, which means, Quiet Stars, in the Cornish language. They then went on to place second in the International Celtic Song Competition at the Pan Celtic Festival in Carlow, Ireland and to represent Cornwall at the Festival Interceltique De Lorient in Brittany…

The Rowan Tree was formed for the 2017 Pan Celtic festival by siblings Tom Fosten and Laura Garcia on guitar and flute. The pair are joined by Cornish musician Richard Trethewey on fiddle, mandolin and vocals and Neal Jolly on bass and whistles. Encompassing traditional music predominantly from Cornwall and original pieces with a Celtic feel, The Rowan Tree a unique and engaging sound.

Harbottle & Jonas are a stunning young folk duo based in Totnes, Devon. Their music is eclectic and is always accompanied with a great story. They have received plaudits from folk royalty including Seth & Geoff Lakeman, Jon Boden, Rod Clements, Declan Sinnott, BBC Introducing and have recently been endorsed by Seasalt Clothing. Playing up to 200 gigs each year, these troubadours are to be found far and wide across our beautiful island.

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Doors: 7pm – 2am
Harbottle & Jonas: 7.30pm – 8.15pm
The Rowan Tree: 8.30 – 9.15pm
The Grenaways: 9.30pm – 10.15pm / 10.45pm – 11.30pm

Adult: Advance £6 / Door £10
Child: Advance £4 / Door £6
(CLICK HERE to order tickets online)