New Talent Night

Getting a re-boot on 7th February 2019, New Talent Night is a new monthly musical networking event here at The Melting Pot. The aim is to provide new artistes and entertainers the chance to showcase their performances to a welcoming audience in a relaxed atmosphere and network with other new artistes.

Artists: If you wish to perform on the night, please download an Artist Ticket. We ask if you can limit your performance to a maximum of 3 songs with your performance lasting no more than 10 minutes. Please arrive on time as the first performance starts at 7.30pm (If you are running late please contact us on the number below). If you have any special tech requirements please call us before to discuss if we can accommodate it.
Supporters: If you want to come and watch or show support for your friend, please download a Supporter Ticket. We will be handing all the supporters a voting ballot paper on the night and will be asking you to pick (in no particular order) your THREE favourite acts. With the winner, and poss runner up returning for our end of year showcase in December.


Doors: 7pm – 11pm

Entry: There is a £2 donation on the door for all artists and guests. This helps towards the running of the event with any profits going to Oxjam.

More info and tickets on FACEBOOK.


GIG: (14/12/18) Res Publica – People’s String Foundation Virtual Orchestra

Theatre musicians, composers and the founders of the bohemian 32 piece gypsy orchestra The People’s String Foundation Ben Sutcliffe and Zaid Al-Rikabi perform here with the virtual addition of their orchestra projected on a huge screen behind them.

“The People’s String Foundation is one of the great wonders of the West. I first heard the music of Ben and Zaid in Kneehigh’s production of FUP in 2017: stonking, earthy, organic, delicate, and barn-storming. This led me to their album “The Lost Dreams Of Gilgamesh” which is a joyous and many-splendoured thing. The upcoming “Puppetree” tour by The People’s String Foundation is an impassioned and bold project to bring a larger than life production to poor and/or remote venues. This work, of such big heartedness and brilliance, is desperately needed!” Conductor and Composer – Charles Hazlewood.

“The vocal performances are remarkable and the orchestrations are inventive, exploratory and beautifully performed. The entire piece is fresh and youthfully enthusiastic with clear production values on a classical scale. Surely these musicians and this piece are worthy of consideration for this year’s Mercury prize.” Ralph McTell.

Tickets available on FACEBOOK

GIG: (20-21/04/18) Back-2-Back (2 Nights/4 Bands) Animal I+Dogfight / Hanterhir+Rubberface


– – FRIDAY – –


Moving with ease between funk, punk, rock, latin grooves, acid jazz and unforgettable hook lines  Animal I plays off the wall original compositions to get your feet moving and brain in overdrive. Off beat rhythms with sycopated bass and guitar lines woven with flowing saxophone and tongue in cheek vocals make Aminal I a truly unique experience. Formed as a collective during community camps in Tehidy Woods, West Cornwall the band has been constantly innovating for nearly ten years.


Dogfight are an energetic skate punk 3 piece cover band from Sw Cornwall.

– – SATURDAY – –


Cornish/English language modern psyche folk rock…Forest Punk!
Five people uncomfortable being close to each other, greased up on a small stage battling with instruments.


Rubberface are a Post-Grunge-Punk-Rock band – they make a noise.


FRIDAY £6.00

Tickets are available from Eventbrite <HERE>

Doors: 7pm – 11pm
Music: 8pm




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Below is a summary of what is already planned for the upcoming months here too. Click on their links for more info and tickets.

(updated: 26/11/18)



26 – Board Monday
28 – Jam Night
30 – Krowji presents: Open Studios


DECEMBER: Res Publica promote their new album along with a virtual 32 piece orchestra.


01 – Krowji presents: Open Studios
02 – Krowji presents: Open Studios
04 – Sonic Tuesdays
05 – PiP: Philosophy in Pubs
05 – Jam Night
10 – Board Monday
12 – Jam Night
13 – Krowji Karaoke Xmas Party
14 – Res Publica – People’s String Foundation Virtual Orchestra
17 – Board Monday Xmas Party

18 – Stand-up to Christmas (Comedy Night)
19 – PiP: Philosophy in Pubs Xmas Party

DECEMBER: 3 Daft Monkeys return to rock the house.

19 – Jam Night Xmas Party
20 – (TBA)

21 – 3 Daft Monkeys Solstice Party









MONTHLY: Sonic Tuesdays are about getting creative with electronic sounds.


07 – Board Monday
08 – Sonic Tuesdays
09 – Jam Night
14 – Board Monday
16 – Jam Night
17 – Krowji Karaoke
21 – Board Monday
23 – Jam Night
28 – Board Monday
30 – Jam Night


FEBRUARY: Celebrate the arrival of spring with REDWOODSTOCK. A fundraiser to save our trees, man.

04 – Board Monday
05 – Sonic Tuesdays
06 – PiP: Philosophy in Pubs
06 – Jam Night
07 – New Talent Night
09 – Mr B Presents: REDWOODSTOCK!
11 – Board Monday
13 – Jam Night
14 – Krowji Karaoke
18 – Board Monday
20 – PiP: Philosophy in Pubs
20 – Jam Night

MONTHLY: Philosophy in Pubs (PiP) is a meeting of minds with pints. See the world differently from the bottom of a glass.

25 – Board Monday
27 – Jam Night



MARCH 2019

04 – Board Monday
05 – Sonic Tuesdays
06 – PiP: Philosophy in Pubs
06 – Jam Night
07 – New Talent Night
11 – Board Monday
13 – Jam Night
14 – Krowji Karaoke
18 – Board Monday
20 – PiP: Philosophy in Pubs

20 – Jam Night
25 – Board Monday

MONTHLY: Come and have fun and sing along to your favourite tunes.

27 – Jam Night

APRIL 2019

01 – Board Monday
03 – PiP: Philosophy in Pubs
03 – Jam Night
04 – New Talent Night
08 – Board Monday
09 – Sonic Tuesdays

10 – Jam Night
15 – Board Monday
17 – PiP: Philosophy in Pubs
17 – Jam Night

WEEKLY: Jam in the Pot is the weekly singer-songwriter meeting of musical mayhem.

18 – Krowji Karaoke

20 – TwoMan Ting (TBC)
22 – Board Monday
24 – Jam Night
29 – Board Monday

MAY 2019

01 – PiP: Philosophy in Pubs
01 – Jam Night
02 – New Talent Night
06 – Board Monday

WEEKLY: Board Mondays are about keeping it retro, and keeping it social, when it comes to gaming.

07 – Sonic Tuesdays
08 – Jam Night
09 – Krowji Karaoke
13 – Board Monday
15 – Jam Night
15 – PiP: Philosophy in Pubs
20 – Board Monday
22 – Jam Night
25/05 to 02/06 – Open Studios
29 – Jam Night

JUNE 2019

04 – Sonic Tuesdays
05 – PiP: Philosophy in Pubs
05 – Jam Night
06 – New Talent Night
10 – Board Monday
12 – Jam Night
13 – Krowji Karaoke
17 – Board Monday
19 – PiP: Philosophy in Pubs
19 – Jam Night
24 – Board Monday
26 – Jam Night